WAL We were at this chiefs conference Skidiget Queen Charlotte Islands, Arnie Louie who invited us along me and couple of my bro’s as a youth group council while we were there Arnie was arranging for us to begin our run for peace. He was a very good organizer, so we went home and by the time we got back there were 2 to 3 at least from each rez of the Okanagan Nation including the Colville part of the nation from the states. everybody met in the Simikkimeen at elder and spiritual leader Glen Douglas house, him and Ol Charley hoarse led the prayers all the way across Canada. We went through the the sweat lodge 4 times to purify ourself s then we began to run.
We started relaying the eagle feather across Canada to rally for peace. Along the way we went through every reserve we could, and let the people of who’s land we were coming through carry the feather across there own rez;s I remember the days and nights that were sometimes scary because you would take the feather and the van would pull up one, two, or three miles what ever you felt you could do so some times you were in the middle of the mountains you were given the eagle whistle to blow when you felt scared. I swear some of the guys were doing world class miles down the road you could here that eagle whistle get close pretty fast lol it was funny some times we also got pretty intense with each other wrestling slap matches it was rough to lol. We pushed on through Calgary where I ended up on the front page of the Calgary Sun news paper runing with the feather. It was cool wish I kept that the paper. So we pushed on Regina were we took a little tour to Standing Buffalo Pow wow there we to the feather and did our circle and a prayer and they did an honer song and carried a blanket around the pow-wow for donations. after that we wemt a ways sau st marie I think it was where the Mohawk women three of them were brought in to join the run it was good, one of my bro’s ended up getting with one of the girls while the rest of of us got sent up the road sorry but I cant remember the rez it was but they were very nice we had smoked some pot and admitted it so were sent to do a sweat lodge so we could rejoin the run by the time we got back bro snagged already lol.I remember Kenora because we got to watch a few mens fast pitch games there the Canadians, It was frustrating sometimes scary lot a dam good slap fights lol. But we carried on till we got close to Ottawa and one of the Mohawk girls was scared for her family and wanted to go back to Kanasatage please mind my spelling this is the second time writing this the computer just glitches then All the story disappears. Monitoring of my computer has been a pain in the ass, anyway we wern’t going to let my brother go alone with her so 3 of us joined him the run went far as Ottawa and some people didnt like that, basically they flew to Ottawa after we ran there then took over. There the Mohawk girls family picked us up in Ottawa we spent the night there and the next day we sneaked in to Chategui were we hid out that’s where the mobs of people were hanging stuffed Indians off street poles, it was scary we had to stay at this English peoples house in the basement before they could sneak us in I had my 19th birthday there September 9th we made it in there Kanasatage below the Mercie Bridge we were we stayed there for about a week and it was intense but it was also the first time we tied one on that whole summer lets just say it got a bit crazy between our boys and there boys, I wont say who one lol just that people were flying of decks and ripping out fence posts it was crazy that and the army everywhere guns everywhere you know we were ready to help if they needed a good trigger finger but you know how bro’s are we made up the next day. Our families wanted us home we snook into Montreal watched a Montreal game and flew home. Im the short runner with the feather in the picture.