Having just turned 70, I have been in Recovery from the dis-eases of body ,mind and Spirit for 21 years.

Where was I in 1990? In the west African country The Gambia, 3 years before hitting my bottom, of active addiction, One year before two traumas: my father’s sudden death and a car accident.

Having purchased the book The Comeback by JRSaul, I put on my Larocque Facebook page the photo of Mohawk Brad LaRocque confronting the QC Surete officer, a photo that optimized the poignancy of the crisis.

I had already “met” the poet -scholar Emma La Rocque ( when the Other Is Me ), and in books like In the Days of our Grandmothers, articles on “Civ/Sav”etc.

2015 marks the 350th anniversary since 8 Generations of La Rocques (called Roquebrune, or other things) came to the shores of QC. The photo indicates 8 Aprons I made for the Gathering in July of many descendants….I wanted to invite Emma L. And JR Saul, but did not have the means.

These 8 mothers were also Daughters-in-law, aunts, grandmothers, mothers-in-law..as JRSaul said in A Fair Country, we can thank the chiefs who let their daughters marry the whites, for the survival during the cold harsh winters of portaging, fur-trapping, hunting-gathering……

Some Mohawks from Kahnawake come to the 12-step home group I belong to…I had the CD A Tribe Called Red playing in the kitchen for setup, and I said to one youn Mohawk of the Iroquis “my ancestor probably tried to kill your ancestor….” He answered, “yes, and my ancestor too, probably tried to kill your ancestor”. His father standing nearby said, “But this is now, and we are all in this together now. ”

One of the mothers ( the Orange Apron) got married in the church at OKa, the church that was not helpful to the First Nations….

I like to reflect that, as Brad LaRocque indicated, that in a way, “we are all Metis. ,
We all have two DNA molecules intertwined, from mother and father, going back to……who knows where? Our lives are all joined together..

I see Oka 1990 as Ground Zero for Canadians, and we can start time BOC (Before Oka Crisis) and AOC (After Oka Crisis).

We are now 25 AOC. 1665 was really 325 BOC. Elizabeth LaRocque Sept 17 , 25 AOC