I was living and working in Toronto during the spring and summer of the Oka Crisis. I was working for the federal government and I was the only Aboriginal person where I worked. A lot of people said they were proud, but I was terrified. I truly thought the army was going to go in and massacre the men, women, and children behind the barricades. I also felt that there would violence across the country if that happened. Earlier, in April of that year I had planned a backpacking trip from Paris to Istanbul and back. On August 4th, I climbed that plane to fly to Paris as the Oka Crisis continued. It was the biggest and most positive thing I did in my life. I came back a different person. I did not want to be anywhere in Canada if the Canadian army was going to be killing Natives. I was glad to get on that plane. I didn’t have to think and worry about it. A month later, on my last day in Istanbul, I did not want to head back to Paris and I did not want to go back to Canada. As I boarded the plane to fly back to Toronto, I saw a copy of the Toronto Sun with the front headlines/pictures blaring the ongoing crisis at Oka.